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Being an art-loving youngster unsurprisingly resulted in becoming a graphic designer.
I was born in 1979 in Soviet-era Estonia that has influenced me greatly and am currently based in Estonia, an Eastern-European country that has an interesting art scene.

I studied art and graphic design in Tartu Art School, Pärnu Non Grata Academy and Estonian Academy of Arts. I started working in the graphic design field during my studies, eventually leaving school to have more time for work.

My major employers have been an Estonian national daily newspaper Õhtuleht where I worked on infographics and editorial; also a night club in tallinn (Club Privé) and a professional football club Nõmme Kalju, for both I have done promotional materials in all forms. I have been freelancing for 14 years now and done different smaller projects aside from day job. I love freelancing and taking on challenging projects and working with them intensely so I am currently freelancing only and focusing on different projects involving typography and brand development.

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